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Refund policies

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our web hosting services

If you are not 100% satisfied with the contracting of our services, within 30 days from the date of purchase, we will reimburse you the total cost of your order. This applies only and exclusively to all web hosting services.

Note: It does not apply for web domain purchases, since the web domain is your property and you can transfer it with the provider of your choice.

If you have a web domain, you can request a proof of our services before hiring and we will give it to you free of charge for 30 days, after this test if you do not like it, you are not obligated to contract our services.

Terms and Conditions of Services

General Terms and Conditions of the Services of CAHTALI HOST MEXICO 

By using the CAHTALI HOST MEXICO site, you accept these policies of use, terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms, do not use the site or hire a service from CAHTALI HOST MEXICO.

Contract of Provision of Services that celebrate on the one hand «The Client» that in the successive one will be denominated «The User» and on the other hand «CAHTALI HOST MEXICO» that in the successive will be denominated «The Company» which are subjected to the following declarations and clauses.



That is a natural person duly constituted in accordance with Mexican legislation.
That has the legal, technological and human capacity to celebrate this contract.
That the key to your Federal Taxpayer Registry before the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit is AEMJ750903F96 according to your tax identification card and with physical address at CALLE 33 SUR «C» NO.1865  MZ200D LT06 COL FLAMINGOS 1 COZUMEL QROO MEXICO CP 77666  Phone 52(984) 218 4357
CAHTALI HOST MEXICO reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add or delete parts of these terms and conditions of service at any time. The subscriber should periodically check if these terms have changed. 

Declare «THE USER»

That the data provided by the User is reliable, so it states that the information provided is real and verifiable, relieving «THE COMPANY» of any responsibility for the falsehood with which it is conducted, for falsifying documents or supplanting persons, names, addresses or identification data used to contract the services provided by «THE COMPANY».
Who is in full use of their physical, mental and legal powers to be able to conclude this contract.
In the case of being an individual user, «THE USER» guarantees that he is at least 18 years old and in the case of being a user of a company, «THE USER» guarantees that the service will not be used by a person under 18 year old.
Who is the sole and exclusive responsible for the data, trademarks, logos, patents or symbols and colors of identification that it provides.
It is understood by a WEB server that hosts several users sharing the different resources of the server among all users of the same.
Web Hosting, Web Hosting or Web Hosting
It means the space rented by «THE COMPANY» on a server shared with «THE USER» so that it can host your website. 

Hosting of reseller or web designer

The space rented by «THE COMPANY» is understood in a server shared with «THE USER» so that it can resell or administer said space for its clients.




By this contract «THE USER» contracts the web hosting services on a shared server provided by «CAHTALI HOST MEXICO» for its use, where it may host the contents of its website, email, applications and general information of «EL USER «, as long as these do not contravene the terms of this contract.



The CLIENT acknowledges and accepts that he is the sole and exclusive responsible for the content that includes, within his web page, the information transmitted and stored, his exploitation, the links, the operations carried out on his web page and, in your case of obtaining or processing personal data obtained through it, the claims of third parties and the legal actions that your action could trigger.


For the above, the CLIENT in this act is committed and obliged to use your web space solely for professional, educational and / or entertainment purposes. The CLIENT agrees to include within its website, and other elements for which it has contacts with third parties, including links, e-mails or any other, its Legal Notice, its Privacy Policy and, where applicable, the General Conditions o Individuals applicable to said web page or electronic communication instance.


In case of data collection through the website of the CLIENT, the latter undertakes to act under a Privacy Policy published in its web space making public what data are collected and for what purposes they are used, stating that all uses of such data are in accordance with the applicable legislation. Additionally, the CUSTOMER acknowledges and accepts that it is the sole and exclusive responsible for compliance with laws and regulations that may be applicable, which may include, but not limited to, the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data, the operation of the online plan, e-commerce, intellectual property rights, especially copyright (including third-party copyrights), maintenance of public order, as well as universal principles of Internet use and good conduct on the Internet.


Although THE COMPANY performs periodic backup on its server, THE CLIENT is solely responsible for maintaining a backup of its content on its website in a safe place.

We will do our best to keep backup copies every day, which are only available for a short period in case of server failure. However, as with any data storage system, backup copies may fail. We ask you to make your own backup copies on a regular basis.

Because the services allow Users to electronically transmit or upload content directly to the user’s website, the user will be fully responsible for uploading all content on the user’s website and complementing, modifying and updating the user’s website, including all backup copies.

Any file over 40 MB in size will not be backed up on our backup servers and in case of server failure, it can not be recovered.


CAHTALI HOST MEXICO will not be responsible for any damage that the User Content, the user website or any other damage or malfunction or service interruptions caused by failures in the User Content or any aspect of the user’s website.


The Client is solely responsible for backing up the content of its website. CAHTALI HOST MEXICO does not keep backup copies of any user or material content, any user of websites, databases, web files, or by email or other data or user information, or any other content or materials, or that A backup of a website will always be available. Users must keep copies of all materials and content to a local team and it is suggested that Users regularly make additional copies elsewhere to ensure the availability of such files, content or materials.


«THE USER» must securely maintain any identification, password and other confidential information related to his account and must immediately notify «THE COMPANY» of the knowledge or suspicion of the unauthorized use of his account or security breach, including loss. , theft or unauthorized use of your password or any other type of security information.



The Web Hosting service will be provided in one of the following modalities, according to what was selected by the client in the contracting order.


You will not use the server in any way that violates any law or regulation or that damages the rights of third parties, likewise it will not allow or authorize any other person to do it.


THE USER can not publish, direct or transmit:

Any material that is outside the law, that is threatening, abusive, malicious, defamatory, obscene, blasphemous, profane or any other objectionable in any way.


Any material that contains a virus or other type of computer program that is hostile.


Any material that constitutes or encourages to commit a criminal offense, or that with its publication incites others, directly or indirectly, to commit any illicit provided by civil and / or criminal laws, or that infringes any patent, registered trademark, copyright designs, copyright or any other type of industrial or intellectual property of any natural or legal person that may subsist under the laws of any jurisdiction.


In case of commission of unlawful acts, infractions or sanctions foreseen in the state, federal or international legislations, the User will be the only responsible for the use of his account and content in the commission of the same, relieving from this moment to CAHTALI HOST MEXICO of any civil, criminal or administrative liability.


«THE USER» may not consume excessive system resources, including, but not limited to, processor, memory and transfer cycles, in case of violating this point «THE COMPANY» may restrict, limit or suspend the service contracted by the excessive use of resources without any responsibility for the latter.

«THE USER» may not take any action that could damage our business reputation, or that of any company or business related to «THE COMPANY», this includes disparaging or disparaging comments made on pages, blogs, posts or any other means in which «THE USER» can pour these comments against «THE COMPANY», its directors, employees or staff, so we reserve the right to remove the «USER» account as well as make comments that denote the services, products, network, affiliated companies, strategic partners, employees, directors or personnel of «THE COMPANY».


«THE USER» that makes comments of disrepute or that initiates campaigns denigrating the services or products offered by «THE COMPANY», will be responsible for the determinations issued by the competent authorities in civil and / or criminal matters, as well as accepting the payment of damages that may come to «THE COMPANY».



THE CUSTOMER contracts the Web Hosting service, Web designs or any other service in any of the modalities and is obliged to pay to CAHTALI HOST MEXICO Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual or Annual, depending on the payment method chosen by the client and the rate designated for each plan.

CAHTALI HOST MEXICO does not make refund or refund for cancellations of web hosting services after 30 days of guarantee, domain registration, web design, web designer or any other service provided by THE COMPANY, nor refunds of the total paid for the modalities , Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly or Annual, depending on the case and type of service. CAHTALI HOST MEXICO will grant a credit note to the client’s account. For all cases, we do not reimburse for domain registration concepts and domain transfers. In case of contracting any service plan with domain registration paid, free or with domain transfer, only the proportional part of it will be reimbursed, subtracting the cost of domains at the renewal or transfer price.


CAHTALI HOST MEXICO reserves the right to suspend or eliminate at any time without prior notice and without any kind of reimbursement to any site, web hosting or web designer account that contains, stores, distributes or promotes material that violates laws or regulations. Copyright or try to perform any type of electronic fraud through websites or sending mass or non-mass emails and / or is involved in any illegal activity as well as the breach of any of the terms and conditions of this document that the client Accepted at the time of hiring.


The Client agrees to indemnify and release us from any liability for damages, claims resulting from the use of our services by the Client or third parties related to it such as Mp3 files, pirated programs, pirated files and / or hackers; Robots for IRC, eggdrop, Trojans, backdoors, Warez Sites and other illegal content. In this way, hosting or web designer accounts that use excessive resources such as CPU, Memory, temporary space for improper use, poor programming of scripts that make use of the MySQL server massively or any other process that directly affects or will be suspended. indirectly the performance of the server where you are hosted. This would also apply an economic penalty of $ 50.00 USD for improper use of the service and for the investigation of the account involved in any of the aforementioned events.


CAHTALI HOST MEXICO reserves the right to suspend services for any client that performs activities either for its own use or users, endings under the following headings:

  • Child pornography: Store, distribute or link to sites with pornography that involves a minor.
  • Copyright: Store, distribute, or link to sites with copyrighted rights. Materials that are your property.
  • CPU / Memory / Resource Abuse: Amount of excessive consumption of internal resources of the server and cause performance problems of the same.
  • DoS Source: Denial of Service Attack Source.
  • Objective Two: Objective of Attack of Denial of Service.
  • Forgery: Forgery of an IP address, hostname, email, or headers.
  • Fraud Site: Store, distribute, or link to Web sites intended to deceive the public.
  • HYIP: Store, distribute, or link to websites that promote: High Yield Investment Program Website.
  • Identity Theft: Store, distribute or link to sites with identity spoofing information.
  • Infection: Store, distribute or link to sites with exploits, Trojans, viruses or worms.
  • IRC: Internet Relay Chat is not authorized by CAHTALI HOST MEXICO under any type of hosting plan.
  • Mass Storage: Storage of massive amounts of backup copies, files, videos that are not specific to a website.
  • Phishing: Activities for theft of personal information by email under a false identity.
  • Proxy Sites: Information storage and linking to anonymous proxy servers.
  • Sending Junk Mail: Unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) or unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE) for its acronym in English: Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE).
  • Unwanted Mail Lists: Store, distribute or link to sites with lists of spam or illegally obtained addresses.
  • Spammers Sites: Sites that promote or sell services by email with distribution lists obtained illegally.
  • Spam Ware: Store, distribute or link to sites with software designed to send spam.
    Terrorism: Store, distribute or link to sites with terrorist, subversive or incitement to violence content.
  • Discrimination: Sites that promote racial, social, cultural, religious and sexual discrimination.
  • Toolz: Store, distribute or link to sites with tools or material with instructions on illegal activities such as Hacking / cracking.
  • Brand Impersonation: Store, distribute or link to sites infringing trademarks and copyrighted materials.
  • Warez: Store, distribute or link to sites with links to CrackZ, Hackz, KeyGenz, Serialz, or pirated software.


CAHTALI HOST MEXICO reserves the right to make changes in server configurations, software, scripts, supported technologies and any type of program and / or software included in the current service. The aforementioned changes can be executed in some cases automatically by remote updates of servers and / or third-party software used by CAHTALI HOST MEXICO. This clause invalidates any civil or criminal action imputed to the company since CAHTALI HOST MEXICO, is not the owner or author of any SOFTWARE included in the service.



The services with unlimited resources are only for normal use on the internet, they can never be used as a Cloud Server or used as a hard drive to backup personal files.


In some cases, CAHTALI HOST MEXICO may choose to host your site in an architecture that does not offer all the features of the offer «unlimited hosting», deactivating the high availability functionality and not retaining your data for the sites that present any of these characteristics:

  • The utilization of your disk space increases very rapidly
  • Using your disk space to store personal data
  • Create a personal audio / video library or over which you do not have copyright
  • Its space contains a very important part of files higher than 40 Mb
  • ZIP or RAR format files occupy more than 40 Mb of space
  • MP3, FLV, AVI, MP4, WMA, WAV, MOV and other multimedia files occupy more than 100 Mb of space together
  • Under no circumstances is it possible to store files of any format larger than 40 Mbps
  • It is not possible to create audio and video galleries that exceed 5 files per gallery.
    If this happens, the technical service of CAHTALI HOST MEXICO will contact you and inform you of the modifications applied to your accommodation.

Note that in order to detect the storage of unauthorized content or the presence of personal data, unrelated to our site, CAHTALI HOST MEXICO scans the content of the storage spaces regularly.



CAHTALI HOST MEXICO offers in our Web Hosting and Web Design services a domain included (Only participating packages with free domain), the additional domains must be paid with the rates in our price list published on our website.